2-26-13 CLan Open again for TW3.

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Clan is back 05-20-12 -- 06-01-12

AOD Re-open for the second time . Edwin and bori Re-open aod for 10 days then aod goes back to sleep. with a record of 11-4 in wars.


Clan Re-open 03-22-12

We have reopen AOD..!

Edwin retires 01-14-11

I be out for 2 months.. be back in march.. The reason is because my mom went to usa and she cut down the internet for 2 months when shes back .. we will have internet again..

-Edwin former main owner of aod 

 Clan Was Made 01-12-12

2 days ago (01-10-12) I quit ML to join SNM ..! why did I join snm? I wanted to join snm to get better

today like at 3 pm I pc zach telling him to make a clan together undercover. He said yeah so I made the clan we were both undercovers. He said lets join as Edwin and zach so we can have a big clan . so we blow up our undercover in  20 mins, thats about it .. Have a nice Day.

More to Come 

-Edwin & Zach